Live! Korea AR

Live!Korea is an exhibition of Korean culture in which augmented reality bridges cultures by visually summoning one culture into another; thus questioning the meaning of physical distance. It is an exploration of the possibilities of virtual curation for cultural exchange. 

One artifact on display was "Boo-yong-jung," a traditional pavilion in Korea’s Changduk palace. Another item on display was a Korean cultural photo booth that I designed based on some of Korea’s representative cultural artifacts. (*The 3D source of Boo-yong-jung was provided by Korean creative content agency's culture content website.)

This exhibit was on display during the Korean national day reception on October 5th 2016, which took place at the Korean embassy garden in Rabat, Morocco. The Korean cultural photo booth is currently on display at the public service center of the Korean Embassy in Morocco.


Korean Cultural Photobooth by Agatha on Sketchfab

rotate: click + drag / zoom: middle scroll / move around: right click + drag / rotate lighting: alt + click + drag


Click on a banner and scan to experience in augmented reality. Please follow the instructions on the left banner.