Butterfly Song

Short Animation, 2014

Co-directed SVA Computer Art Thesis Film

I was responsible for story development, lead animation and participated in compositing. As a co-producer I physically kept track of the process of filmmaking as a whole and focused on finding ways to effectively integrate all assets (models, rigs, animations, renders) together. My partner and I explored various methods to bring the traditional watercolor and pastel feel to our renders. As a result, we created a  special pipeline for our rendering and compositing stage.


Overall Winner of the 2014 Documentary & Short International Movie Award

Selected to screen at:

Cannes Short Film Corner 2014

Hanoi International Film Festival 2014

Red Hook Film Festival 2014

Red Hook International Film Festival 2014

Glasgow Independent Film Festival 2014

International Short Film Animation Festival 2014

11th International Student Animation Festival of Brazil / Anim!Arte 2014

Guam International Film Festival 2014

Seoul International Extreme Short Film Festival 2014