extended reality

Digital Native in the Web-Sites

Performing digital culture through VR in reality

Apgujeong Makeover

Participatory AR intervention to redefine beauty in South Korea

On Common Ground

A projection about peace, war and confusion in Korea

Live! Korea

Sharing Korean culture in Morocco with AR


Robinson Hall Atlas

Learn classical architecture through an unassuming building in Harvard Yard

My First Flight Alone

Educational mobile AR Storybook

Museum Digital Loan

Proposal for a new way to share objects between museums

VirtualCuration Assignment

Alternative assignment for Harvard Archaeology course



Butterfly Song

A short 3D animation about love, loss and life.


Game Environment Design inspired by Scandinavian art

Contest Game

Motion graphics instructional video for a Harvard experiment




Optimized 3D models for WebGL platform

Traveler's Booth

Public Art Proposal for Harvard Yard

Cabbit & Iri

Original character line products


tangible media / rapid prototyping

Mole Messenger

Moles connecting children across distances


Audio-tactile staff for inclusive astronomy


Connected plant pots for remote co-gardening

Hyper Helmet

A helmet to speak out loud and see from above