extended reality

Robinson Hall Atlas

Learn classical architecture through an unassuming building in Harvard Yard

Live! Korea

Sharing Korean culture in Morocco with AR

Museum Digital Loan

Proposal for a new way to share objects between museums

Virtual Curation

Alternative assignment for Harvard Archaeology course


Digital Native in the Web-Sites

Performing digital culture through VR in reality

Apgujeong Makeover

Participatory AR intervention to redefine beauty in South Korea

On Common Ground

A projection about peace, war and confusion in Korea

My First Flight Alone

Educational mobile AR Storybook



Bio-Human Visualization

informational visuals and 3D models

Contest Game

Motion graphics instructional video for a Harvard experiment

Traveler's Booth

Public Art Proposal for Harvard Yard



Butterfly Song

A short 3D animation about love, loss and life.

Cabbit & Iri

Original character line products


Game Environment Design inspired by Scandinavian art


tangible media / rapid prototyping

Mole Messenger

Moles connecting children across distances


Audio-tactile staff for inclusive astronomy


Connected plant pots for remote co-gardening

Hyper Helmet

A helmet to speak out loud and see from above