Hyper Helmet

Speaker-Periscope Paper Helmet , 2018

Ideation / assemble-able CAD design(Fusion 360) / fabrication

The Hyper Helmet is a assemble-able paper helmet that is composed of a tentacle-ish periscope and a bazooka-esque speaker. It is accompanied with a voice amplifier speaker and a microphone. Once the user puts on the helmet, she can see from a higher viewpoint and speak with amplified voice. Even whispers can be publicly heard.

I created this helmet to be able to feel and appear tall and intimidating, which is unlikely to happen in the current society given my height, age, gender and ethnicity.

The Hyper Helmet pokes fun at power dynamics in current society, where being taller and louder are characteristics of leadership and authority. 

Sketch Iterations

Assemble-able Design + Construction

Presentation at Harvard Graduate School of Design

Presentation at Harvard Graduate School of Design