Live! Korea AR

Augmented Reality Experience, 2016

experience design / 3D asset creation / AR integration

Live! Korea is an augmented reality exhibition of Korean culture that took place in Morocco. The project is an experiment to bridge two cultures through augmented reality, by digitally summoning artifacts from one culture into the reality of another. The project questions the meaning of physical distance and explores the possibilities of virtual curation for cultural exchange. 

This exhibit was on display during the Korean national day reception on October 5th 2016, at the Korean embassy garden in Rabat, Morocco. The Korean cultural photo booth was on display at the public service center of the Korean Embassy in Morocco until February 2017.

One digital artifact on display was Boo-yong-jung, a traditional pavilion in South Korea’s Changduk palace. Another item on display was a Korean culture photo booth that I designed based on Korea’s representative cultural artifacts. 

The booth featured a Korean entrance roof, the Korean national flower, a historic butterfly accessory, a traditional Chorong lamp and a lamp designed with a famous Korean painting from the late 18th century. Photographs from the event were emailed to the visitors after the event.

*The exhibition was curated through the Augment application (


Live Demo Recording

AR Marker Design

I designed panels to be printed as standing banners. These banners functioned as tracking markers for the exhibit. The Augment application would scan the banners through the mobile device’s built-in camera. Once the banner is detected, the application would project Boo-yong-jung and the Korean cultural photo booth onto the banners.

The banners feature patterns from the Korean tteoksal (an imprinting stamp for decorating rice cakes) that are simple, crisp yet diverse to be easily recognized by the Augment application’s marker scanning system. They show a resemblance to QR codes. Additionally, a concise manual was provided for visitors to easily navigate the augmented reality exhibit themselves.

3D Korean Culture Photo Booth Design